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Win a year’s Spotlight membership, £100 worth of camera equipment, a career advice session, a Spotlight goody bag and more!

Our Into the Spotlight competition is back with a special Young Performer edition! We’re shining the spotlight on young talent and we want to see your brilliant performances. Whether it’s your favourite poem, a monologue or a duologue, we want to see it!

Competition deadline: This competition is now closed.

We’re delighted to announce casting director Kate Bone as our special guest judge for this competition.

About Kate

Kate Bone is a casting director with more than 10 years experience, who has cast a vast range of feature films and television series, including Sherlock HolmesSnow White and The HuntsmanMaleficentStar Wars: Episode VII – The Force AwakensSuccessionThe Crown and so much more!

Kate will select one winner from each age category and each winner will bag themselves a year’s free Spotlight membership, £100 worth of camera kit, a career advice session, a goody bag, and they’ll have their performances shared in a news article on the Spotlight website (if they choose to).

Age Categories and Themes

All performances are open to interpretation, and you’re free to adapt to whatever suits you. It could be your favourite poem, a scene from a film or television show, a monologue, a duologue, or something you’ve created yourself.

We would love your piece to be inspired by the following themes:

  • 4-7 – Superpower – If you had any superpower, what would it be?
  • 8-12 – Joy – What brings you joy?
  • 13-18 – Change – What does this word inspire in you?

If you’re not sure what to pick for your performance piece, here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Choose a classic.
  • Adapt a non-musical song.
  • Choose your favourite poem and turn it into a monologue performance.
  • Perform a duologue with someone (the other person must remain off camera).
  • Create something completely new showing your interpretation of the theme.

You must create your performance with the theme that’s in line with your age category. If you select a different theme from another age category, your entry won’t be included.

The Prize

Our talented winners in each age category will receive:

  • Free Spotlight membership for one year.
  • A career advice session with our Spotlight Customer Success Manager for Young Performers, Ellie Samuels.
  • A Spotlight goody bag.
  • Self-tape equipment (curated by audio-visual specialist, Nicholas Peel) worth £100.
  • Your entry will be shared with our casting director, agent and performer members in our newsletters as well our news pages on our website.

Please note: Winner videos do not have to be included on our website and made public if you choose not to.

How to enter

Spotlight members can enter the Into the Spotlight competition by following these steps:

Make sure to read the rules of entry below before entering!

Age 4-7

Age 8-12

Age 13-18

Be sure to complete the correct form for your age group. If you complete the wrong form we may not be able to accept your application!

Once the competition closes at 12pm on Monday 30 October, our team will review the entries and shortlist the final 10 candidates from each age category. The winners will be selected from these shortlists by our special guest judge, Kate Bone, and the winners will be announced in November.

Rules of entry

  • You must be between the ages of 4 and 18.
  • You must be a current member of Spotlight to enter.
  • This competition is open to Spotlight Young Performer members worldwide.
  • You may enter only one piece per competition.
  • Your piece should be up to a maximum of one minute in length.
  • Please only submit video footage that you have filmed for the purpose of this competition. Please do not submit footage that is currently being used for any job opportunities that are subject to an NDA or contractual agreement.
  • Please do not include copyrighted material in the background of your entry.
  • Please read all terms and conditions carefully before submitting your entry.
  • This competition is now closed.

Good luck!

We were blown away by the entries from our last competition, so thanks to everyone who entered. Watch the performances from the 2023 Into the Spotlight competition on the theme of ‘musical theatre’.

Image credit: Joanna Nicole Photography