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With the new year now well underway, here’s a reminder of how you can be making the most of your Young Performer membership!

Update your profile

Your profile includes several key things every actor requires: information about you, your best headshot, and all your credits and skills.

To make sure casting directors find you as much as possible, make sure you update profile whenever you have something to add or amend. Read all our tips for creating the best possible young performer profile.

All our information on how to get started can be found on our website.

Make use of Spotlight Discounts

Spotlight offers discounts on a wide range of services, from cinema tickets to mobile phones, car leasing, high street retailers, and even travel. Make sure you regularly check the special offers when you’re signed into your Spotlight account and take a look at your privacy settings too where you can refresh your marketing preferences at any time.

Attend our free events and workshops

Spotlight runs various events throughout the year which are free for our Young Performers to attend. These events include workshops, panels and summer school days. We also offer weekly career advice sessions which can be attended via Skype, over the phone, or in person at our London HQ.

Use Contacts to find everything else you might need

Spotlight Contacts is our database of everything you need for a career in entertainment. Looking for a photographer, or some voice over coaching? Searching with Contacts will make all the relevant listings display in order of proximity to your location.

Be sure to take advantage of everything we have available – it’s all there for you!