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Performers now have access to a growing range of video-based workshops and seminar media.

Here at Spotlight, we always aim to provide the best possible support for our performers. We do our utmost to support you with advice across various subjects on our blog while constantly evolving our service. 

This is why we have launched the Workshop Rental Library. The Video On Demand rental service will offer performers a chance to catch up on sessions and classes they have missed by being provided the functionality to watch them universally – from the comfort of your own home, the bus, tube, or waiting room…

What is the VOD library?

The VOD library is the video media database of historic and newly recorded skills-based workshops available to members and non-members alike. 

The Video Content 

Some of the currently available videos include:

Some of the videos currently in production and designed to support you whenever you need them are:

  • On Set Preparation
  • Quick Access Accents
  • Pre-audition Warm-ups

How Do You Access the Videos?

You can learn more about the on-demand videos via the Spotlight homepage and Vimeo. You will need a free Vimeo account to purchase and access your own library. Each video is priced according to the length and the skill level and agreed upon by the facilitator – with Spotlight ensuring that we look at other videos available in the market while continuing to offer the best value.

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