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Actors waiting for an audition in the Spotlight studios

Announcing our new partnership with Triple ‘A’ Performer and the launch of the Studio Access Pack for Neurodivergent performers.

Attending an audition can be a daunting experience for any actor, but especially for neurodivergent performers. Their access needs aren’t always thought about in the casting process. Not knowing things like the lightness of the room or how the doors to the audition room operate will be – which most performers won’t think twice about – can lead to enormous levels of stress. 

Fortunately, Triple ‘A’ Performer – a charity that provides free resources and help in understanding the needs of neurodivergent performers – have launched a Studio Access Pack to take the uncertainty out of audition spaces, and Spotlight are the first ones in the country to roll it out across our studios.

This comes alongside Spotlight signing Triple ‘A’ Performer on as one of our partners, as well as donating to their amazing work.

What is the Studio Access Pack?

The Studio Access Pack contains helpful information to make our studio space accessible and comfortable for neurodivergent performers, including instructions for entering and exiting the building, photos of our friendly staff who’ll be waiting to greet you at the reception desk, and where you can find a quiet space to prepare before your audition.

The pack can be found at the top of our ‘Studios’ page on our website, and is downloadable for performers, as well as any casting directors or agents who are looking for a neurodivergent-friendly space or have neurodivergent clients that will be attending an audition at the Spotlight studios.

Triple ‘A’ Performer created the pack after their recent survey revealed that over a third of all respondents found acoustics and the availability of break out spaces to be their top considerations when accessing a venue.

Pioneering this new scheme is the latest achievement for Spotlight’s mission to champion diversity and inclusivity in the industry. We look forward to continuing to work with charities and partners in the future to bring about more positive improvements for performers.

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