The Spotlight Podcast: Voice and Accent Work with Nina Zendejas

We talk to Nina Zendejas, Head of Voice at Italia Conti (MT), all about character voices, RP and General American. She gives lots of practical exercises to experiment and play with your voice for newfound confidence...

In this episode of the Spotlight Podcast we talk to Nina Zendejas, an international voice coach specialising in accent and dialect, and native to the United States. Currently working as the Head of Voice at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts (MT) in London, she is also a voice over artist (represented by Wisebuddah), and freelance production coach. Nina talks to us all about experimenting and creating characters with your voice, dealing with accent changes (especially for an audition!), improving your Received Pronunciation and General American accents, and how to get the most out of your voice long term.  

It's a super fun and practical episode with a lot of great information and some exercises you can try yourself at home.

Take a listen (51 mins):

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