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The links below provide you with help and support on:

Viewing & Managing Suggestions

How to send an amendment

Uploading to the video platform after sending a breakdown

Uploading to the video platform without sending a breakdown

Spotlight Search Facility

To learn how to use Spotlight’s search facility please watch the video below.

Step by step guide: How to use Spotlight’s search facility 

If you have been offered a ‘Search only’ account and want to send a breakdown for a future project, please get in touch with us by emailing the project details to casting@spotlight.com for our team to review. If the project is suitable, we’d be happy to provide access to send a breakdown. Please note all projects must contain roles for professional performers, be paid at an industry standard rate and, where possible, use a union contract. Our breakdown access is usually reserved for casting professionals. Account holders will need to have previous casting experience/credits in order to be eligible to send a breakdown via Spotlight.

Sending a breakdown via Spotlight

A casting professional can send their role requirements for a project in the form of a breakdown. You can control who sees your job information by choosing to send to just agents or all agents and performers. The recipients of your breakdown will then make suggestions via Spotlight by submitting CVs with performer details including credits, showreels, headshots, skills and much more.

Please watch our tutorial on how to send a breakdown via Spotlight.

Step by step guide: How to send a Spotlight breakdown

Viewing and managing suggestions

Step by step guide: Viewing and Managing Suggestions

Should you have any further questions please email casting@spotlight.com and the team will be happy to help you with your enquiry.

Send Group Message to Shortlist of Performers/Agents

This feature allows you to request self-tapes or check availability of a large number of performers at the touch of a button.

Disabled, transgender or non-binary performers

We’re committed to improving the experience for all Spotlight members and applicants, especially when it comes to promoting inclusion and diversity in our industry so you’ll now see a range of options for gender, disabilities in profiles.

Please watch our search tutorial video above to find out how to maximise your search to get the best results.

For further advice and FAQS about what this means for you when sending a breakdown take a look at our Gender and Disability FAQs for casting professionals.

Need more help?

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