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Performer Criteria

Applications are vetted by the criteria set out via one of these three avenues :

1. Experience

At least one featured role with an Equity or equivalent union contract OR two professional performance credits

*This does not include extra, stunt or supporting artist work.

2. Training

You have completed at least a year of full time professional performance training (minimum of RQF Level 5 or equivalent*) OR at least two years of part time practical performance training.

*This does not include any training under a RQF level 5 (HNC, Certificate of Higher education BTEC level, foundation diplomas) or joint degrees.

  • The part time training is assessed based on the following factors:
    • Vocational training courses for performers – practical rather than theoretical
    • Audition requirements/procedures for the course or school
    • Training that offers a professional showcase opportunity, attended by industry
    • Training that offers professional development programme with industry engagement
    • Access to professional facilities
    • Clear commitments on safeguarding, access, bullying and harassment, and diversity

3. Recommendation

You must have a recommendation from a Spotlight-registered agent or a member of one of the following groups: CDGCSACDA, BFMA or NAA.

Full detail on what is looked at and required as part of the criteria can be found here.

Application Review

Spotlight membership is available to those who meet the criteria. While our new joining pages are being built, we advise emailing additional evidence to support applications to membership@spotlight.com.

When new joining pages are built, the following evidence will be requested during the application submission process:

  1. Professional Experience Avenue: Contracts or similar evidence for credits will be attachable
  2. Professional Training Avenue: Graduation confirmation/certificate for training will be attachable
  3. Recommendation Avenue: Recommendation form will be attachable

We have additionally created Spotlight forms that producers, education providers etc. can fill out for the performer to help them in the application process.

The reviewing and processing of an application once submitted can take up to 7 days.


If an application clearly does not meet the criteria from the information supplied, the application will be declined. The team will make every attempt to help the applicant provide additional information to admit them on to Spotlight before declining the application. For example, the team will email the applicant asking if they can provide additional evidence. The team will review each application on a case by case basis on its individual merits, but if no evidentiary information can be found or provided by the performer to show they meet the set out criteria, the application is likely to be declined.

Appeals Process

If an applicant disagrees with the team’s decision, there are a few steps they can follow:

  1. Email membership@spotlight.com outlining how they meet the application criteria and provide additional information/evidence to support this. The team will aim to respond within 7 working days.
  2. If after following this step, the applicant is not accepted and is unhappy with the team’s decision, they can send the details of their appeal to feedback@spotlight.com, where the senior management team can review the details and will aim to respond within 7 working days.