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We have joined forces with Health Assured to provide a series of support services for our Premiere members.

We take mental health and wellbeing seriously and understand that life brings challenges that can knock us back a little – whether they are personal, industry-related or global.

As a Premiere member, you can access support services that we hope will provide you with tools and tactics, as well as access to support lines and counselling, that can help you get back to feeling positive and moving forward.

Health and well being support

Included in your Premiere membership is access to the following services supplied by Health Assured.

  • Unlimited access to 24/7, 365 confidential helpline
  • 24/7 critical incident telephone support
  • Up to 6 sessions of face to face, telephone or online counselling per member, per issue, per year
  • Legal information services
  • Debt and financial information
  • Family advice line on topics such as childcare and eldercare
  • Access to online wellbeing portal and mobile app
  • Self, manager, HR, physiotherapy, trade union and OH referrals
  • Full case management protocols for all structured counselling cases
  • Manager consultancy and support
  • Coverage for dependants and retirees (up to three months) within HMRC guidelines

Health & wellbeing portal

Access support services using a dedicated web portal:

  • LiveAgent instant chat
  • Monthly webinars on a variety of current wellbeing topics
  • Four week programmes including quitting smoking, sleep and losing weight
  • Mini health assessments including BMI, sleep, alcohol, anxiety and depression
  • Wellbeing articles and factsheets on a wide range of topics
  • Awareness Day information such as OCD week of action and self-injury awareness day 
  • Drives engagement in partnership with newsletter

My Healthy Advantage Plus mobile app

Our health and wellbeing mobile app provides an enhanced set of wellbeing tools and engaging features to support wellbeing and wellness.   

The features are designed to improve the user’s mental and physical health by using personal metrics to set goals and achievements.
My Healthy Advantage Plus is an enhanced, feature-rich tier of the app. Features include:

Health Assured Portal
Log-in details are as follows:

Portal Link: HealthAssuredEap.co.uk
Portal Username: wellbeing
Portal Password : CareMindRest1

Download and register

Follow these simple steps to download and register your My Healthy Advantage app:

Download and register the mobile app
The member code that you need to register with is: MHA262732

Financial & debt information

  • Financial support via our freephone helpline, providing information and guidance on a range of issues including, but not limited to:
    • Debt
    • Investments
    • Pensions
    • Managing money 
    • Negotiating with creditors 
  • Information, articles and resources on our online portal and mobile app
  • Financial and debt assessment calculators via our online portal, in partnership with Money Advice Service and StepChange
  • Signposting to appropriate specialist long-term support including debt and financial services
  • Specialist partnership with StepChange, the debt charity, for additional support with debt cases, facilitating bridging to effective and appropriate support 

Legal information

  • Legal consultation and information on a range of issues including personal, financial and legal matters of any reasonable kind
  • Examples that we address daily include, but are not limited to:
    • Consumer rights
    • Family and matrimonial law
    • Civil ligation
    • Motoring offences
    • Probate and wills
    • Landlord and tenant
    • Housing and property law
    • Immigration
    • Terminal illness
  • In-house legal professionals with a Law degree and completed/working towards a Legal Practice Course (LPC)
  • Signposting to appropriate specialist organisations such as CAB and ACAS