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We want to introduce some of our wonderful Agents and Casting Directors working and living in the north of England!

Small Screen Talent

Name: Ross Adams
Location: Manchester
About us:
 Established in 2016 by award-winning actor, Ross Adams, Small Screen Talent is a small boutique agency dedicated to nurturing, developing and shaping the careers of young performers. Clients work predominantly in TV, Feature Films and Commercials. We are proud to offer one of the lowest commission rates for young performers and work hard to secure the best terms for all of our clients. Representation is offered by invitation only.
Best thing about working in the North: Everything apart from the rain! But Manchester looks wonderful whatever the weather. We are lucky to be located in a city with so much growth and potential – from the BBC at MediaCity to huge sound stages and studios further out of the city. It’s a very exciting time to be a busy agent in the North!
Email: info@smallscreentalent.com / agency@smallscreentalent.com
Website: www.smallscreentalent.com
Facebook: @smallscreentalent
Instagram: @smallscreentalent
Twitter: @screen_talent

Janet Plater Management

Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne
About us: Janet Plater Management Ltd is the leading professional actors agency in the North East of England. The company was established in 1997.

Janet Plater Management offers professional representation to a limited number of professional adult actors (from/and/or based in the North East of England).  Clients work throughout the industry – television, film, theatre, radio, commercials – and throughout the region, the country and sometimes abroad (when allowed to travel)

Recent work includes: the forthcoming feature films The Duke and The Railway Children return,  Mamma Mia the musical, This Sceptred Isle, Emmerdale, Vera, The Dumping Ground and The Archers on BBC Radio 4.
Best thing about working in the North:  The culture, the countryside, the coast.
Email: admin@agentontyne.com
Website: jpmactors.com
Twitter: @JPMactors

Sonia Allam

Location: North West & London
About us: I founded my own company in January 2019 after spending over 12 years working as an assistant, associate & Co-casting director for some wonderful Casting Directors (Gary Davy, Catherine Willis, Lime Pictures, BBC & ITV). Since working for myself I have been casting various genres for Television and Film. I believe in finding fresh new talent and working to help underrepresented talent get their first shot.
Best thing about working in the North: We’re all friendly and Manchester is voted the 3rd best city in the world!
Email: sonia@soniaallamcasting.com 
Twitter: @SoniaAllamCDG 
Instagram: @soniaallam_casting 
IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3567619/

Lucia Victoria Agency Management

Location: MediaCityUK, Salford, Manchester.
About us: We are an established Talent Agency based in the North of England representing Adults, Children & Young Performers across the UK.  We provide a personal and approachable management to all artistes on our books. The agency provides a professional, approachable and reliable service to all our industry clients, we specialise in providing talented artistes for professional work in all areas of the entertainment industry including Television, Film, Commercials, Theatre, Radio & Voiceover.
Best thing about working in the North: MediaCityUK is such a friendly, vibrant place to work, some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry call MediaCityUK their home.  Manchester is not only one of the UK’S best cities, it is the true capital of the North and incredibly easy to get around with the City’s Manchester Metrolink. The North has so many regional accents, often there is a regional trend for actors. We always say to our Northern Talent ‘Keep your accent, never lose it..!
Email: info@lucia-victoria.co.uk
Twitter: @luciavictoriauk

Morello Cherry

Location: Manchester
About us: Morello Cherry Pips is 3 years old but has made strides in the industry in that short time. We are a dynamic, personal, young performers agency with an extremely small cohort of very talented young actors.
Best thing about working in the North: The talent it holds and produces, the fringe theatre scene and the network of actors/industry that champion and support each other.
Email: pips@mcaa.co.uk
Twitter: @pipscherry
Facebook: Morello Cherry Pips
Instagram: @morellocherrypips

The Ward Academy Management

Location: North West
About us: The Ward Academy Management is an innovative Casting Agency which launched in October 2020. We launched our agency to offer the children who attend our Theatre School (The Ward Academy) the opportunity to showcase their talents and skills within TV, Film, Theatre, Commercials and Photographic castings. We now also offer representation to children outside of our school who are based around the country.  At the start of 2021 we expanded our representation into young adults and now represent actors up to the age of 25. We are based in the North West but represent actors around the Uk, Ireland and several parts of Europe.
Best thing about working in the North: The people and the local chip shops.
Email: info@thewamanagement.com
Website: www.thewamanagement.com
Instagram: @thewamanagement
Twitter: @thewamanagement

Apostrophe Talent

Location: Manchester
About us: Apostrophe Talent is an ambitious agency specialising in personal and talent management. We build long-term, personal relationships with our talent to nurture, progress careers and provide dedicated round-the-clock support and guidance.
Best thing about working in the North: The theatre scene in Manchester and across the North is developing all the time — there are some brilliant little theatres putting on some really good stuff, and they’re always open to new productions and ideas from talent or agencies. Plus, Northerners are grafters — they work hard and want to prove themselves which makes them great to work with!
Email: pablo@apostrophetalent.com
Facebook: @ApostropheTalent
Twitter: @Apostrophepr
Instagram: @Apostrophemgmt
Linkedin: @Apostrophe-talent

Emma Stafford

Location: Bolton
About us: TV projects include work for Disney, Sky, BBC & ITV.  Current TV projects include two adaptations of the much-loved children’s books ‘Biff, Chip & Kipper’ and ‘Pip & Posy’, a series of ground-breaking pieces for BBC that discuss in heart wrenching detail what it is like to be living in modern Britain and a new series of ‘Class Dismissed’.
Best thing about working in the North: The North has a valid voice and a creative heartbeat that is strong with a fantastic network of talented individuals, both behind and in front of camera.
Email: emma@emmastafford.tv
Website: www.emmastafford.tv
Twitter: @EmmaSCastingCDG
Facebook: @emmastaffordcasting

Janet Hampson Personal Management Ltd (JHPM)

Location: Lancashire
About us: I opened the agency in 2019 after working as a freelance Casting Director for 10 years. Although I really enjoyed casting I realised the part I liked best was seeing actors land roles. As an agent I’m just as excited as the clients when they are offered roles! Often I know what a certain role will mean to an actor – whether that’s working with material that speaks to them or working with a creative team who are a good fit for them. The number of clients is intentionally low so that I really do have time to guide each actor and to have a personal relationship with each of them. Some clients join me before they’ve managed to get into Spotlight whilst others have decades of experience – and I love that mix.  Since opening we’ve enjoyed great successes with clients booking theatre jobs on shows including The Lone Flyer and Dracula – the Untold Story whilst screen roles include Mission Impossible 7, Alma’s Not Normal, The Baby,  Everything I Know About Love, The Birth of Daniel F Harris, Midas Man and The Wheel of Time.
Best thing about working in the north: It’s great to be contributing to the on screen representation of ‘The North’ in all its many facets.  For me personally working in the north gives me a chance of a healthy work/life balance.  We have hundreds of great work opportunities on our doorstep combined with fantastic cultural events and nature all within easy reach.
Email: janet@janethampson.co.uk
Website: janethampson.co.uk
Twitter: @janethampson
Instagram: @jhpmltd

North of Watford

Lead agent: Kate O’Dwyer
Agent name: North of Watford Personal Management
Location: Hebden Bridge (equidistant to Leeds and Manchester)
About us: North of Watford Personal Management is a long-standing, leading, boutique actors’ agency with more than 40 years’ industry experience. We provide accurate recommendations to casting professionals with a bespoke and professional service. We are proud of our select client list. We do not flood our books with faces. We represent fresh talent and seasoned actors. Our clients work nationally and internationally and are located throughout the United Kingdom, all have bases in the North. Recent screen work includes Happy Valley, Silent Witness, The Full Monty, Alma’s Not Normal, Platform 7, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Time, Funny Woman, The Catch, Inside Number 9, Everything I Know About Love, Waterloo Road, The Responder, The Tower, Lovely Little Farm, Hullraisers, Meet The Richardsons, The Bay, Passenger and Sister Boniface Mysteries. We also provide actors for stage, radio, voiceover and video gaming.
Best thing about working in the North: The beautiful countryside and the warmth of the people.
Website: www.northofwatford.com
Email: info@northofwatford.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/northofwatford
Twitter: https://twitter.com/northofwatford
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/northofwatfordpm/