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Last year, with all the exciting news of expanding film studios and the new Channel 4 Creative Hub, 2021 has got off to a great start with the announcement of a brand new television and film studio inside Glasgow’s historic Kelvin Hall.

With all this excitement, it’s only right that we introduce some of our wonderful agents and casting directors working and living north-of-the-border!

Network Artist Management Limited

Name: Tabitha Watson, Agency Director
Location: Edinburgh and London
About us: Network Artist Management is a theatre, TV and film agency representing professional performers from across the UK and beyond from offices in both Edinburgh and London. Network Artist Management (formerly MGA Management) was established in 2008 and has enjoyed an unprecedented level of growth over the past 5 years under the management of Agency Director, Tabitha Watson.
Best thing about working in Scotland: The best thing about having an office in Edinburgh is being at the heart of the Edinburgh Fringe each summer where our population doubles and we are surrounded by inspiring and creative individuals every day!
Email: admin@networkartistmanagement.com

Coulter Hamilton Rae

Name: Julie Hamilton and George Rae
Location: Glasgow and London
About Us: Coulter Hamilton Rae is one of the UK’s leading talent agencies, focusing exclusively on performers and creatives in all media, with offices in London and Glasgow.

We represent a select group of diverse, highly talented individuals whom we have chosen very carefully – not only for their talents, but also for their personal qualities. We consider our clients to be enthusiastic, creative, collaborative and dedicated and we have represented the majority of them for many years. Most are based in the central belt of Scotland and London. CHR is a member of the Personal Managers’ Association.
Best thing about working in Scotland: The theatre scene is thriving (as long as we’re not in the middle of a pandemic!) and the talent is wonderful. In Scotland there is rarely a show (theatre or TV) without a CHR client appearing. Opening our London office with Agent/Partner George Rae, means our clients have the best of both worlds.
Email: info@coulterhamiltonrae.com or representation@coulterhamiltonrae.com
Website: www.coulterhamiltonrae.com
Twitter: @coulterhamrae
Instagram: @coulterhamiltonrae

Julie Hamilton – Agent/Managing Director
George Rae – Agent/Partner
Gary Hamilton – Young Performers
Ally Saxon – Assistant
Fran Bloomer – Office Manager

Infinity Artist Management

Name: Susie Dumbreck
Location: Edinburgh & London (hub)
About Us: Infinity Artists was formed in February 2014 by Susie Dumbreck. Whilst a lecturer in the Drama Department of The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Susie found her passion for nurturing,
promoting and developing the talent of gifted individuals. Infinity grew from the desire to work more closely in the development of new careers and the pursuit of more opportunities for Scottish and Scottish based actors. Over the last 5 years the goals have extended to encompass clients based in Ireland, Europe and throughout the UK.

Our agent team includes Associate agent Ryan Ferrie, who is based in London. Ryan has a BA in Musical Theatre from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and worked as an actor, director and choreographer before transitioning to agency. He continues his creative work as a lecturer in Musical Theatre for the Juniors programme at the RCS among others. Infinity also regularly have an agent’s assistant and interns as the need arises.

Susie and Ryan have personal experience of drama/music training, as performers in West End, regional and European productions and have been creatives in the directing and casting arenas. We feel this experience helps us to support, nurture and guide careers with empathy and first hand knowledge.

We currently have 106 clients to keep us busy and on our toes.

We are delighted our actors have been regularly employed in both the stage and screen arenas. We take pride in developing graduate talent. In the past few years we have had two two of our actors nominated as part of The Stage debut awards. We are rightly proud of our actors and their achievements. We work hard to achieve diversity and equality in our client list and find our clients to be a fantastic collective of people from a wide range of backgrounds and training.

Every job achieved becomes a highlight for us and our clients. We enjoy working with producers from our local production companies on small scale tours, to large streaming companies, BBC and feature films teams.
Best thing about working in Scotland: Scotland is a wonderful hotbed of talent, enterprise, creativity, hard working actors and best of all, down to earth humility and humour. Edinburgh (biased I know) is the best city in the world and we love that we can have our head office here whilst maintaining a London desk and still work with casting and artistic directors across the world. Much of our talent choose to live and work from Scotland, Northern Ireland and UK regions and the industry is opening up to wider possibilities of where talent is sourced from for screen and stage. There are ongoing plans for more film studios in Scotland and this will open up new opportunities for producers to film in Scotland.
Email: admin@infinityartists.com
Representation email: representation@infinityartists.com
Twitter: @InfinityAM_UK

Keddie Scott Associates

Name: Paul Harper-Swan, Director/Senior Talent Agent
Location: Glasgow (with offices in London and Manchester)
About Us: Paul Harper is the Director/Senior Talent Agent for Keddie Scott Associates Ltd Scotland, a London based talent agency. His clients are currently appearing in River City, Hollyoaks, Everybody’s Talking about Jamie, Six and Outlander, to name but a few. The Scottish office, based in Glasgow opened in 2007.

Paul works alongside his assistant and Junior Agent Euan Nixon. Paul and Euan look after around ninety wonderfully talented Actors and creatives. We work extremely close with our other offices in London and Manchester. Our London office is headed by Fiona Keddie-Ord and Manchester by Anthony Williams.

KSA also have close relationships with agents and managers in New York and Los Angeles operating successful client shares so that we can access opportunities across the international market.
Best thing about working in Scotland: Wonderful talented Scottish based actors. Friendly atmosphere and rich in culture.
Twitter: @keddiescott / @paulharperswan

Brennan Artists Associates

Name: Claire Murray
Location: Glasgow
About Us: I started the agency in 2015 having worked as an actress in theatre, TV and radio for 16 years. Having built up so many contacts and friendships in the industry, I was very fortunate to have an impressive (yet small) client list from the start which set the bar high and gave me the motivation to support, nurture and promote my clients in the very best way possible. The other vital ingredient to our continuing success is having a brilliant team!
Best thing about working in Scotland: The people, the talent, humour and the sense of community.
Twitter: @brennanartists

Lovett Logan

Name: Dolina Logan
Location: Edinburgh (and London)
About Us: Lovett Logan Associates (formerly Pat Lovett Associates) was founded in Edinburgh in 1981 by Pat Lovett with the London office being opened by Dolina Logan in 1999. We have clients based all over the UK who work in theatre, screen and radio, both in the UK and internationally. We have two senior agents who are ably assisted by our great teams in both offices. The highlight of our job is being able to see our clients perform all over the world, from the beautiful island of Mull to the bright lights of New York, and everywhere in between.
Best thing about working in Scotland: The incredibly supportive industry in Scotland which makes you feel like one big family, and having the Edinburgh Fringe on our doorstop every August!
Twitter: @LovettLogan

Stiven Christie Management

Name: Dougie Stiven
About Us: Originally established, nearly forty years ago, as “The Actors Agency”, by a group of young Scotland-based actors, the business grew rapidly. Further expansion in 1994, saw the business renamed as “Stiven Christie Management” when the agency changed from a co-operative to a commercial management structure.

Stiven Christie Management exists to promote a select portfolio of professional actors and actresses across the entire spectrum of performance media. The agency is run by sole proprietor, Douglas Stiven.

Our clients can be found in film, television, radio, theatre, commercials, voice over, presentation and role-play projects.

Most of our clients work across all the performance disciplines and can be seen in a variety of productions, from American and British feature films, International TV co-productions to UK soaps and series as well as award-winning single dramas. In theatre our clients cover the entire spectrum; from ‘Theatre In Education’ Projects, provincial reps and National Theatre’s to No.1 National and International Tours.

Numerous TV and radio commercial campaigns not only feature our clients on screen but many of the voice-overs you hear, using their skills to help advertisers sell their product, are also supplied by us.

Commercial organisations greatly appreciate our clients’ skills and experience for in-house training and promotional videos as well as role play scenarios within commercial and local government training courses, and higher education practical examinations.

Our clients are all members of the British Actors Union, Equity, with whom we work closely in developing the infrastructure necessary to protect and safeguard our clients’ rights.

Although we represent actors who come from various parts of the United Kingdom we are well recognised for the wide range of Scottish talent within our portfolio and as a result are often called upon by producers and casting directors when specifically seeking Scottish actors and actresses.

Stiven Christie Management is proud of the very high standard of clients we represent and we always endeavour to provide you with an efficient and personal service whatever the nature of your commercial project.
Website: www.stivenchristie.co.uk

If you would like your agency to be included on this page, please email agents@spotlight.com for more details.

Victoria Steven Management 

Name:  Victoria Steven
Location:  Peebles, Scottish Borders
About us: Victoria is a Scottish agent based in Peebles in the hills of the Scottish Borders, were Tommy’s Honour and BBC One of Us was filmed. She graduated with her BA in Art & Design 2011 and she is also gigging musican. Being a sculptor/visual performer Victoria understands the dedication, application and professional quality of work, and brings this forward to each of her actors/production and casting directors.


Victoria started being an agent in September 2013 but started her own company early 2015. She felt there was a growing need in Scotland especially for principle agents/managers, to represent professional actors on Spotlight and so her journey began. Victoria now represents professional actors across UK and Europe and works on communication/trust and connection with her team vs and casting director/production companies.

Being an agent she encourages her team to strive and be the best of themselves and displaying that for all to see. Victoria encourages her actors to show their passion and rawness as a performer, and be the support her actors need in their career. She wants to give her team the correct information and advise from casting directors/directors.

Though Victoria is based in Scotland it doesn’t stop her from representing actors across UK and Europe and now with technology at its best this can be achieved with ease.

Victoria Steven Management has worked on big projects such as King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, The King (on Netflix), Blind, The First Noelle, She Will, The Last Bus, Marionette, Robert the Bruce Top Boy S3, Outlander, BBC Scot Squad, BBC Still Game, BBC The Cry, BBC Armchair Detectives, Stranger Things Secret Cinema, Billionaire Boy Musical, Aladdin Dumfries Panto DG1 and Ayr Gaiety, Hitman 2 – Video game and has also worked across the UK and EU in commercial, audio, music videos, corporate/cruise.

Victoria’s philosophy: ‘I want to work with quality not quantity. Actors are real people with real wants and dreams AND not just a name and another number. My job is to support my team on their journey, whist discovering their best qualities and attributes, and what they are truly skilled at, then I submit them to those fantastic jobs in the screen and stage industry’.
Best thing about working in Scotland: Scotland has produced so much wonderful talent from all various backgrounds for many many years and Scotland continues to emerge, bursting with life, love, entertainment and producing wondering talent. Being Scottish we love to entertain through music and theatre, it’s part of our DNA and with studios being built, this has given actors/industry professionals who live in the north the boost and drive we have all been asking for for years. We have beautiful scenery, stunning talent, amazing writers, and the best banter, it just keeps getting better and better. We Live, Work, Breathe Scotland.
Email: victoria@victoriasteven.co.uk 
Twitter: @V_S_Management

GBM Casting

Name: Graeme Miller
Location: Scotland wide
About Us:
– Scottish based casting agent.
– Been in the business for 19 years.
– We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting.
– We meet everyone on our books, so we know our people.
– We only suggest people who are available on the dates of casting and filming.
– We like a challenge, and we use a wide range of creative ways to get the people productions are looking for.
– We support the next generation of talent through sponsorship of the Scottish TV & Film Network #STFN
Best thing about working in Scotland: The best thing about working in Scotland is everything. Scotland has world class locations, infrastructure, crew, technology and cast/talent.
Email: info@gbmcasting.co.uk 
Instagram: @gbmcasting 
Facebook: @gbmcasting 

Strange Town Young Actors’ Agency

Name: Ruth Hollyman
Location: Edinburgh
About Us: Strange Town represents a diverse mix of young performers aged 5 to 25. The agency is closely linked to Strange Town theatre company which offers performance projects to enhance and develop young peoples’ skills. Since the agency’s launch in 2011, its reputation has grown rapidly and we have had our clients cast in projects such as Limbo (Caravan Cinema/Film 4/BFI), Cinderella (Sony), Tom and Jerry (Warner Bros), Our Ladies (Sigma Films/Sony), Get Duked (Plouffe/Maguire/Coffey/Tunstall), Kensuke’s Kingdom (BFI/Lupus Films), Annika (Black Camel for UKTV), The Nest (BBC One), River City (BBC Scotland), Shetland (BBC One) and Outlander (Sony/Starz). Strange Town is all about offering opportunities to young performers, nurturing and supporting them as they embark on their professional careers.  We are members of the PMA.
Best thing about working in Scotland: the friendly people, the supportive nature of the sector, the cultural buzz, the beautiful surroundings and being able to walk to work!
Email: ruth@strangetown.org.uk
Website: http://strangetown.org.uk/young-actors/
Facebook: strangetowntheatre
Twitter: @infostrangetown
Instagram: strangetownco