COVID-19: Spotlight’s Digital Self-Tape Casting Service

If you would still like to hold a casting but don’t want to hold face-to-face meetings, we're happy to help you by providing a remote self-tape casting. 

How does it work? 

It's simple!

  • We provide you with a self-tape submission link.
  • You pass this link on to any performers you want to see for your casting.
  • This link opens up a headsheet and Artist's Declaration form that they fill out (via web or smartphone), and also prompts them to upload their self-tape files.
  • The upload of the forms and their footage is pinged into a folder on our end.
  • We take the video file and upload it to our bespoke casting website.
  • Once all the footage is uploaded, we'll send you a new link to your casting website where you can both view and download all the self-tape submissions.

What are the conditions?

As we’re currently working from home and don’t have quite the same level of person and tech-power as we would on-site in the rooms & studios, we do have a few conditions for this service:

  • We can upload a maximum of 3 separate casting sessions each day - these can be booked on a first come, first served basis.
  • Each casting session is allowed a maximum of 40 performers to submit self-tapes.
  • There will be strict submission deadlines. At the point of booking, we will agree with you on a window of time during which your performers can upload their self tapes. This window will usually be 48hrs long, and once the window of time is over, no further submissions will be accepted. 
  • All performers must submit their self-tapes using the online form that we provide. We will not accept any footage sent via email, WeTransfer, Tagmin, Vimeo or other file sharing platforms. 
  • Please note that ALL submitted video footage must be filmed in landscape - this includes idents! Any footage filmed in portrait will not be uploaded. 
  • This service is available Monday to Thursday and any self tape submissions received over a weekend will be uploaded on Monday morning. 

What does the bespoke casting website look like?

Take a look here: 

How much does it cost?

The cost is dependent on the number of submissions you accept for each casting:

  • £7 + VAT per performer for the first 20 performers
  • £6 + VAT per performer for next 20 performers
  • £5 + VAT per performer thereafter 


You can book easily by calling Spotlight on 020 7437 7631 or emailing [email protected]