Updating Your Spotlight Profile FAQs

It’s vitally important that you keep your Spotlight profile up-to-date so casting directors can find you using Spotlight search. This should be a regular task you set yourself so we’d suggest making a note in your diary to check-in every month.

Publishing accurate up-to-date information about your credits, skills and training will only improve your chances of being found on Spotlight. You never know what might be useful for a casting professional to know about you!

We are in the process of completely replatforming Spotlight profiles and updating the experience of how you update your details. This means we're replacing the CV editor that you currently use with a new profile editor. The new profile editor will be mobile-friendly, intuitive to use and will contain helpful advice and prompts so you can make the best of your Spotlight profile. 

As we undergo this period of transition, you may notice that some things don't look the same as you're used to. Don't worry, it will soon be in one place and will be much easier to use.

Below is a sneak preview of the new look Spotlight profile as it will look in edit mode.

From June 2020 editing a profile is similar to before (but branching off to new areas of the platform) and your Spotlight profile will look as it does now. Following this you’ll edit in a brand new way and with a totally new look profile that is mobile friendly with a clean, modern look.

What's changing for now?

For now when you sign in and select ‘update/edit my profile’ with every action, be that adding new credits, skills or training you’ll be taken to parts of the new platform that will look different from what you're used to. Take a look at what the new profile in edit mode looks like.

 Updating your agent

We have made changing your agent on Spotlight easier to do and with a brand new look and feel. Changes appear on your profile immediately.

Updating physical characteristics / playing age / nationality / appearance / location etc.

This is now called ‘basic info’ and ‘more info’. Updating your details here will take you to the ‘basic info’ area on the new platform. You'll see that you can add further measurements if you wish, these are entirely optional.

As is currently the case, for your safety and security, publishing a location will display a region, not a town or village.

If you previously added your nationality but chose not to publish it to your profile then you'll see that we have removed this. You can add it back in again if you wish.

Updating currently appearing / about me

This is now called ‘about me’ and you can add the same kind of information about current or upcoming performances. You’ll see character counts are more prominent so you'll know the numbers of characters you have available and you'll see prompts so you don't add too much.

Updating your training

You’ll notice character counts are more prominent letting you know how much space you have and prompting you not to add too much. We’d recommend only publishing key training and not every workshop you’ve ever attended as casting professionals are very busy and prefer to see concise information.

If you previously added your training details but then chose not to publish it we have wiped the data and you can add it again if you wish.

Updating skills

This is a much simpler way to find skills and show your skill level. Start typing your skills in each box and you’ll see a range of choices so you can select the ones that apply to you. You'll also notice that we've extended the limits on how many skills you can now add (although there will be pop up warnings after a certain amount have been added).

Updating your credits

We’ve made it easier for you to update and edit your credits. As now, you can choose to publish these in date order, in one long list or in different headings (what we used to call tabs). See our handy tips to make your credits stand out and keep your profile looking professional

Updating your main headshot and gallery images

We launched our new photo management tool in August 2019 which is mobile-friendly and easier to use. You can now replace your main headshot and add gallery images which you can move, hide or delete

Updating your media

We have replatformed our video and voice features and given them a fresh look providing more a intuitive way to upload your showreels or voice clips. See our FAQs about how to manage your Spotlight media library.

Profile preview

Perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind is that where previously we asked you to preview your changes ahead of publishing them, we now either have autosave functions or save buttons in each section. Everything you edit will be published immediately so there’ll be no confusion as to if information has gone onto your profile! 

What else is coming?

Updating appearance

Having undertaken industry research as well as collating all our previous feedback we will be including a range of new options that better represent our members.

Updating disability

Having worked and liaised with industry bodies, individuals and key stakeholders, we will be launching new ways and choices for our disabled members to publish and be found by a broader range of disabilities, thereby helping casting directors to find a more diverse range of talent to cast in their projects.

Updating gender 

Having worked and liaised with industry bodies, individuals and key stakeholders, we will be launching new ways and choices for our non-binary and transgender members to publish and be found, thereby helping casting directors to find a more diverse range of talent to cast in their projects.

Other improvements to come

More on credits: Later there will be date ranges available when publishing credits e.g. 04.06.20 - 05.07.21 or June 2020 to July 2021. There'll also be a new venue field for stage and other relevant performance credits, as well as a way for you to highlight your top five credits to casting directors. We will also be adding a venue section so, as appropriate, you can publish that a performance took place at e.g The Globe.

There will also be a new section called ‘Reviews and awards’ where you can publish stage, film or television reviews and awards such as e.g. Winner of Carleton Hobbs award.

We’ll be regularly rolling out new features to make your profile the best it can be and to ensure you are more easily found by casting professionals.


We strongly recommend that you always use the most up-to-date version of your browser. If you choose to use browsers other than those we recommend, or older versions of browsers, please be aware that some functionality may not work as expected or even at all.


Updating your profile and want to give feedback? On most pages you'll see a feedback tool called Hotjar. Using this is by far the best way to let us know how you find the new tools. Please do leave an email in case we need to get back to you.

As ever our dedicated publishing team checks every edit and photo update you make so we make sure you are always presented in the best possible light.

Check out lots more information about how to make the most of your Spotlight profile and if you have any questions let us know at photos@spotlight.com or by calling us on 020 7437 7631. Here's a handy reminder of our office hours.