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How Spotlight members can use Spotlight Discounts to save money on everyday things.

Life is expensive, right? That’s why, as a Spotlight member, I always try to use Spotlight Discounts as regularly as possible to save myself money on lifestyle necessities and luxurious treats. If I need to book insurance, go out somewhere fun for the day, or do a weekly food or clothes shop, I’ll always check the discounts first to see if any will save me money.  

The money I’ve saved using Spotlight Discounts has helped to make up the cost of my annual Spotlight membership, and best of all, it’s super easy to use and very accessible. There’s even a calculator on the page to show how much money members can save annually.

Here are some of the top discounts I’ve been making use of, and some you should definitely start using for your everyday and annual spending:

Spotlight Discounts for Everyday Spending

By signing into your Spotlight account and clicking ‘Discounts’ under the ‘Quick Links’ section on the right, you’ll have access to a variety of discounts for things such as health and wellbeing, motoring, shopping, travel, business, insurance and advice – with certain discounts also being highlighted as special offers for that month. 

Some of these discounts can be used almost daily: You just need to see what’s on there and get into the routine of using them.

Discounts on Cinema Tickets

Through Spotlight Discounts, I joined the Cinema Society and saved on cinema tickets in the UK and Ireland. The offer includes 500 participating cinemas, and there’s no limit to how often you can use it. You’ll need to register with the Cinema Society first through the Discounts page, and then you can buy as many vouchers as you like through their site and exchange them for cinema tickets.

Thanks to this discount, I’ve seen many films over the years I’ve been a Spotlight member, including Glass, Free Guy, The Conjuring films, A Quiet Place and Frozen 2 – and this is only a small selection. So far, I’ve bought 26 tickets with the Cinema Society, which has saved me over £70! 

When I was on tour earlier this year, my cast mates and I went to see Mean Girls. My partner and I love going to see Marvel films when they’re released, and being able to save money on these tickets makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

The discount you’ll receive will vary depending on the location, whether it’s a peak or off-peak showing, and which cinema chain you’re visiting. As a performer, cinema trips are great not only for entertainment but also for research, so saving money on cinema tickets across Vue, Odeon, Cineworld, Empire and more is such a great bonus to being a Spotlight member!

Discounts on Theatre Tickets

If you enjoy seeing shows at the theatre, you can save 10% on theatre tickets on TodayTix. Go to ‘Theatre and Attraction Tickets’ under the ‘Shopping’ section and use the code when booking.

Spotlight has also recently launched a partnership with London Theatre Direct, which provides discounts on an ever-changing selection of shows. When you sign in, you can find a link to this section on the homepage of your Spotlight account under the ‘Welcome Back!’ heading.

Saving Money on Annual Purchases

You can also use discounts for the more expensive things you need to buy once or twice throughout the year.

Discounts on Glasses

As someone who wears glasses, one of the discounts I regularly use is for Vision Express. You can find this discount by clicking on ‘Eye Care’ under the ‘Health & Wellbeing’ heading. The Spotlight discount gives you a free eye test when you spend £50 or more, and you can save a further 30% when you spend £50 or more on glasses, prescription sunglasses and contact lenses. 

After clicking the link to download your voucher and filling in your details, you’ll have a voucher made specifically for you. All you need to do now is show it at the opticians. It’s so useful to be able to save money on something that’s a necessity and out of your control. 

Discounts for Your Holiday

Having a holiday to look forward to is always exciting, and by using Spotlight Discounts, you can save money under the ‘Travel’ section through ‘Airport Extras.’ 

Through Holiday Extras, you can save up to 13% off airport parking, up to 10% off airport hotels, up to 10% off UK airport lounges and up to 10% off airport transfers. Last year, I went on two holidays: one in the summer – flying to visit family in Sweden – and then taking my partner to Paris for his birthday in December. 

I used Holiday Extras to get a discounted airport parking price for both holidays. I regularly use this discount to save on airport parking as it’s much cheaper than other booking platforms or booking directly. 

As a bonus, Holiday Extras offers a price promise, claiming their services are never beaten on price. If you can find the same product cheaper within 24 hours of paying for your booking, they will match the price and refund the difference. 

Alternatively, you can save 20% on your holiday insurance with Columbus Direct. If going on holiday abroad isn’t for you, use a code when booking online to save 10% on Parkdean Resorts staycations or 5% on your holidays in the UK with It’s Your Holiday. 

I’ve saved lots of money on staycations, including a trip to Wales – staying in multiple accommodations booked with Spotlight Discounts – and, most recently, I saved 5% on my Hoseasons holiday to Devon earlier this year with It’s Your Holiday. If you’d prefer to book by talking to someone, you can phone Inspire using the number on the Spotlight Discounts page and quote the discount code instead. 

Discounts on Car Insurance

If, like me, you dread the time of year when your car insurance or breakdown cover is up for renewal – because of the expense or because there’s so much choice and you never know who it’s best to go with – have a look on Spotlight Discounts. See if there’s a provider on there that you’re happy to go with and save some money while you’re at it. 

By using a promotion code online or by calling and quoting a code, I can save 10% on my breakdown cover through Start Rescue. When I need to renew this cover annually, I call Start Rescue and quote the Spotlight discount code and they send me an updated, discounted renewal quote. 

As a bonus, you can also add other cars from your household onto your policy and save money on your other vehicles or family members’ cars, too! It’s convenient, quick and reliable, saving you from searching for hours elsewhere. 

From food shops and restaurants to gym memberships, holidays and days out, there’s something for everyone with Spotlight discounts. Sign into your account and go to Spotlight Discounts – Home to take a look and start saving now – you don’t know what you’re missing out on!

On average, our members can save £329.14 annually using Spotlight Discounts. Find out more about our membership options and start saving while looking for auditions today!

Georgina is an actor based in the South West of England. In her spare time, she runs a small resin art business – Resin Creations By G – and teaches drama and musical theatre to children. Find her on Instagram at @GeorginaPalmer_Actor or on X (Twitter) at @GeorginaDPalmer.

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