Membership Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions set out the conditions relating to joining the Spotlight database.

Nothing in this statement is intended to limit any rights you have under the applicable area of consumer, or local law.

Any applications made through this website will be with Spotlight. Spotlight’s trading address and registered office is 7 Leicester Place, London WC2H 7RJ.

For details of how to contact us click here. VAT number 239068741. Registered in England and Wales. Company Number 07172054

Your personal contact details

By joining Spotlight you consent for your personal details to be held on our database. Spotlight will need to contact you and / or your agent from time to time with information relating to your Spotlight membership and Spotlight publications.  Your professional contact details will be available to third parties (see below).  Your personal contact details would only be made available to third parties with your permission.

In this application we will ask you for a mailing address, a landline number, a mobile number and an email address.  It is vital that we have a current mailing address, mobile number and email address for you, at all times, so that we can contact you with information about your Spotlight membership and in some instances so that you can receive information about casting opportunities from third parties.

As a Spotlight member, you can update your contact preferences at any time by logging onto our website using your UPDATE PIN. Alternatively you can email or send a letter to Spotlight at the usual address, for the attention of the Data Controller.

Please see our Privacy Policy for further information

Your email address

Spotlight uses email as its main method of communicating with its members. Information emailed to you may contain confidential information about you – for example, we may ask you to verify personal contact details. It is your responsibility to keep your email address up to date with Spotlight, secure, and ensure that the relevant usernames / passwords are not known by anyone else.

Spotlight cannot take responsibility for the successful delivery of email to your chosen email provider. Please ensure that you set up your spam filter / junk mail folder correctly to ensure that emails from Spotlight (including automated emails) can be received.

Professional contact details

Please note that Spotlight does not publish personal contact details on our website or in our directories (where known to us as such). If you do not have an agent, you will appear in Spotlight as “c/o Spotlight”, which means you may receive information regarding casting opportunities from third parties. You may receive information regarding such opportunities to your email or via SMS, but your personal contact details will remain anonymous unless you choose to share them in your response to a potential hirer.

When you have an agent enquirers will usually contact you via your agent.  If they call our offices then they will only be given your representative’s contact details.  However, should a casting professional tell us that they have been unable to reach your representative, in these instances we will leave a message for your agent but also try to contact you directly.

Professional casting information

Spotlight reserves the right to edit the information you supply, if it is more than sufficient for suitable display, or to amend or refuse or substitute any information tendered if Spotlight reasonably considers it unsuitable or inconsistent with the general standard, appearance or policy of Spotlight.

Our publications

Whilst every care is taken in the compilation of our directories, Spotlight cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the publication or reproduction of any matter supplied.

Spotlight, whilst using every endeavour to publish punctually on the dates announced, is not to be liable for any delay in publication arising from any cause beyond its control.

Membership Criteria

Please note that each Spotlight database/book will have its own vetting criteria for membership.  For instance, our Actors and Actresses membership is only open to professionally trained or experienced performers. Your membership may be refused based on the criteria set in each case, in which case you will be notified and a full refund will be supplied.

Your professional name

We recommend that every performer uses one unique, professional name across the industry, to avoid confusion with another performer. We reserve the right to refuse membership if your name is not sufficiently different from another Spotlight member. You may be asked to change your name if it is already being used, or a refund will be given for your membership.

Please see for further information and ideas on how to change your name if it clashes with another performer.

Uploading photos, video and audio clips

It is the responsibility of the Spotlight member to ensure that they have full copyright clearance for all photography, voice-clips and showreels featured as part of their Spotlight membership.


You must provide us with the name of the photographer for all photographs submitted to Spotlight. Photographers must be credited, according to copyright law. We reserve the right to refuse any photograph which we consider unsuitable or inappropriate.

Showreels and voice-clips

Copyright is a legal right which exists in literary, dramatic, artistic and musical works. If you are taking a clip from previous professional work, in most cases the producers of that work will either have rights assigned to them or at least, a licence to the rights. Producers normally grant permission for you to use short clips completely free of charge – but you must check with them first and get their permission in writing.

If you are recording a clip from scratch especially for your showreel / voice-clips, remember that most 20th century scripts are still subject to copyright, and you should seek permission from the publisher.

Under Spotlight's terms you have the responsibility for clearing any material that you decide to use for your showreel or voice-clip. If there is any sort of dispute, Spotlight will take your material offline until you clear the right to use the material.

You must not upload material that is unlawful, defamatory, abusive, obscene, discriminatory or otherwise inappropriate.

Spotlight reserves the right to suspend or withdraw media upload facilities from members who violate our terms & conditions, and to remove material which it considers to be in breach of these terms & conditions.

Spotlight reserves the right not to broadcast any material which it deems inappropriate.

Your Spotlight web/book pages

On joining Spotlight your details will go onto our website at the earliest opportunity.   You will then be sent an automated email (to the email address provided on your application) letting you know that your Spotlight page is now live, and allowing you to review the details.  A unique Update PIN sent at the same time will give you the ability to make changes to most of your online page.  Should you require changes to your professional contact details then you should contact us immediately to have these amended on-line and noted for any printed publication, where relevant to your membership. 

Brand new child members will usually have their details approved by their school/agency when they administrate multiple entries, business to business, with Spotlight on their behalf.  Brand new unrepresented children will be sent an access PIN to view/approve their details to the email address supplied on their application.

It is your responsibility on joining to have checked the professional name you wish to use is available, provide a suitable photograph for your application and all other required details.  Failure to do so will cause delays to the upload of your details onto our website, and could also result in your application being rejected by us if all required details or a suitable photograph have not been supplied within 10 days of your application being submitted.

 If you are an adult client, or an unrepresented child, and you have not received an automated email containing your access details within 10 working days of joining Spotlight then please contact us immediately.  For child members, if you are represented by a school/agency they will be able to provide access, via View PIN numbers, to parents/children wishing to review Spotlight pages. 

Your Spotlight book page and internet page are considered to be promotional tools for you, and a means for you to obtain exposure to potential hirers.  This is how Spotlight would expect them to be circulated:

  • The Spotlight books (showing your name, contact(s), which would be either your agent/representative or c/o Spotlight, height, eye colour and photograph with photographer credit) are circulated to industry professionals and some reference libraries on request.
  • Spotlight asks for full information for those seeking a website subscription, and only allows this to be  purchased where we are happy that the subscriber can offer our members valid professional work opportunities.  However, Spotlight cannot take responsibility where false information may have been provided, and this is why we ask our members never to list personal/sensitive information on their internet page.  We also reserve the right to remove direct personal contact information where we see that a client has listed it.
  • Your individual page - showing your professional details (including name, contact(s), which would be either your agent/representative or c/o Spotlight, physical details - including general appearance, skills, credits, notes added to your page by you, photograph(s) with photographer credit(s), showreels and voice-clips) - can also be accessed in the following ways:
  • By you/your agent (or representative) passing on your View PIN (this could include a hotlink from your agent or representative’s own website) or using it for another method as a means to promoting you.
  • By you/your agent (or representative) passing on your website page URL address (this could include a hotlink from your agent or representative’s own website) or using it for another method as a means to promoting you.
  • By an industry professional, using the site, sending on a link to your CV (for instance a casting director sending a link to the director of a production, so that they can assess your suitability for a part), or the hirer using a link to your page as part of a production promotion (where agreed with the performer).

Because of the promotional nature of your page, Spotlight cannot control its circulation by those parties mentioned above (whether in print or online).  We also cannot control disposal or re-distribution of our printed books.

Should you believe that your Spotlight website page is being linked, without your consent, to any publicly available area of the internet, by an individual or organisation, other than your agent or representative, then please inform us via or

If you have security concerns at any time we can:

  • Change your Spotlight View and Update PIN numbers (both of these would need to be changed for security reasons), or
  • Change your Spotlight reference number appearing on your website page URL (this would mean all your data being re-entered into the Spotlight database, and the automated creation of new View and Update PINs)

We would always recommend that you do not list any personal contact details, or information that you would wish to remain private, on your Spotlight web page, as it is a promotional tool. 

The Spotlight Link

Your membership of Spotlight will include defined levels of access to The Spotlight Link.  The Spotlight Link is a system allowing industry professionals to send out casting briefs to agents and performers.

Spotlight does not have access to the casting briefs prior to them being sent out, and cannot take responsibility for information included in them.  Spotlight does however apprise our industry users of their responsibilities in line with related legislation.  Should you have any concerns regarding the nature of a casting brief sent out to you then please contact our offices immediately to report this. 

If you are listed as c/o Spotlight then we will contact you to pass on messages from industry professionals, if they contact us trying to reach you.  It will then be your decision if you wish to respond to them directly to discuss their project.  We will try and contact you but cannot take responsibility for you missing out on work opportunities if we have been unable to reach you within the required timeframe.

Please note:  Spotlight is not an employment agency.  It does not become involved in the casting process and cannot act on your behalf in any work related negotiations; we will only pass on messages from potential employers.   Spotlight does not have access to any arrangements between worker and hirer relating to meeting or working venues, and other terms of employment; therefore workers or their representatives should use due diligence in reviewing their safety arrangements and the terms of any contract supplied by a hirer.  Spotlight will not accept fees for work on behalf of any member; all payments for work must be arranged between the worker and the hirer, or their official representative.  

Additional Services

The following additional services will be available to you on joining Spotlight.  By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to the terms set out below in relation to such services and the related guidelines, policies and prices in relation to each service accessible by using the specific links below.   

Multimedia Services

Photograph Upload – Where a member requires Spotlight to upload a photograph on their behalf they agree to the price related to this service appearing on our website at the date their request is made.  They also agree to adhere to the guidelines relating to supplying photographs appearing on our website.  Current guidelines and prices can be checked using the following link:

Video Upload - Where a member requires Spotlight to upload a showreel on their behalf they agree to the price related to this service appearing on our website at the date their request is made.  They also agree to adhere to the guidelines relating to supplying video appearing on our website.  Current guidelines and prices can be checked using the following link:

Voice-clip Upload - Where a member requires Spotlight to edit and upload a voice-clip on their behalf they agree to the price related to this service appearing on our website at the date their request is made.  They also agree to adhere to the guidelines relating to supplying voice-clips appearing on our website.  Current guidelines and prices can be checked using the following link:

Premium media upgrades

Members are entitled to cancel their premium media upgrade up to 14 days from the date of purchase, in which case a full refund will be given. After 14 days, no refund will be available.

Media services will be withdrawn upon expiry or withdrawal of an individual's Spotlight membership(s). No full or partial refunds will be available in respect of premium media services in these circumstances.

When a member upgrades to 15 minutes' media (per CV) after previously upgrading to 10 minutes' media (per CV), the full upgrade fee for 15 minutes' media (per CV) will be payable, regardless of an upgrade already having been paid for.

Spotlight reserves the right to delete all or some of a member's media on expiry of their premium media upgrade, expiry of their Spotlight membership(s) or for any other reason, including, but not limited to, withdrawal of media upload services for whatever reason.

Spotlight does not offer its members the ability to download or otherwise recover media files in their original quality or format. Spotlight therefore strongly recommends that members retain their original media files. Furthermore Spotlight cannot be held responsible for loss or corruption of data, including accidental or intentional deletion by either party.

Spotlight Studio Services

Spotlight Intro – Customers can come into our offices to create a 1 to 2 minute video with our cameramen/editors giving a quick introduction to them, their character and their voice.  If you are a current Spotlight member footage created during your session can then be uploaded to your Spotlight internet page as part of your membership. The final edit will be in the hands of our experienced professional editors, and we are therefore unable to offer re-edits or refunds following production of the final edit.   Information and prices can be found using the following link:

Spotlight Actor On Tape – "Actor on Tape" allows customers to use our state-of-the-art casting studios, at short notice, to record and email casting clips.  The recorded scenes are streamed to a website and customers can then send a link to third parties.  Bookings are based on an hour of studio time.  Current information, prices and our cancellation policy can be found using the following link:  

Showreel Editing – Customers can spend the day with one of our professional editors turning their video material into a showreel (based on a 6.5 hour day).  We also offer an hourly service should you require less time.  We offer follow-up edits, amendments and additions also based on an hourly rate.   If you are a current Spotlight member footage created during your session can then be uploaded to your Spotlight internet page as part of your membership.  Technical specifications for the video material, current prices and our cancellation policy can be found using the following link:

Your Clickbook reservation (where applicable) does not legally oblige you to fulfil the booking.

Cancellations can be made through Clickbook at any time prior to the telephone consultation, or in person during the consultation itself.

Spotlight will require credit/debit card details in order to confirm your booking. These details will be taken during the telephone consultation and held securely. No payment will be taken or funds secured.

Payment will be taken on the day of your appointment via cash or card (the card can be different to that detailed above).

Subsequent to the telephone consultation an appointment may be rescheduled by telephone or email at no cost. Any cancellation or failure to attend will result in a cancellation charge (based on 50% of the full day rate).

All appointments start at 1000. Please arrive in good time at Spotlight (1st Floor, 7 Leicester Place, London WC2H 7RJ). The building is open from 0930.

Appointments are based on a 6.5 hour day with an hour lunch break.

Should your edit take significantly less that the full day, a deduction in cost will be made based on the hourly rate.  A minimum charge of three hours applies.

The lunch break will take place between 1300 and 1400. Kitchen facilities are available should you wish to stay in the building. Please ensure you are ready to resume the edit at 1400. Complimentary teas, coffee and biscuits are available throughout the day.

Appointments will finish no later than 1730. By the end of the day you will receive five DVD copies of your completed showreel, each labelled with a case. Your showreel will also be uploaded to your Spotlight webpage. This may take up to 24 hours to go live.

Your editor will make reasonable effort to ensure that your showreel is completed on the day. However, if your edit is not complete at the end of the day, additional chargeable editing time can be scheduled subject to availability.

Spotlight will securely store the master copy of your showreel should you require future access to it. Chargeable additions and re-edits are available subject to availability.

Website Security

We take all reasonable precautions to keep customer website transactions secure. We also have strict security procedures regarding the storage and disclosure of information.

Spotlight cannot be held liable for any losses caused as a result of unauthorised access to the information provided by you.

The security of information and payments transmitted via the Internet cannot be guaranteed.  Any losses incurred or sustained by users who transmit information by means of email or other internet link shall be borne solely and exclusively by such user and in no event shall any such losses in whole or part be borne by Spotlight.

Security advice note:  We recommend that when making an online transaction you do not use a public or shared computer or a device such as a laptop or cell phone while you are using public wireless networks.  Make sure that nobody can see your confidential details whilst you are typing, and close your browser when you have finished.  The computer you use to attach to our online payments system should be secure, and include the latest operating system, software and anti-virus updates.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information

Payment for services

Your membership is charged by way of an annual subscription fee, except in relation to the Additional Services where it is charged in accordance with the Additional Services section above. 

New members (those who have not been in Spotlight before) joining Spotlight may cancel their Spotlight membership at any time within 30 days of submitting their application and agreeing to these terms and conditions, without incurring any fee or penalty (no payment fee will be cashed or debited for any aspect of your membership during this period – including for any services described in the  Additional Services section above).  No refund is available on an annual Spotlight membership after this period. 

The cooling off period - up to 30 days - can only be completed in one block.  New members having completed one cooling off period would not be eligible for another.

Your membership starts on submission of your application and will automatically continue each year unless cancelled by you or Spotlight (see below).

Payment for submission of multimedia material will only be taken after the service upload has been completed.

Where a payment is declined our Accounts Department will contact you for immediate settlement.  If the payment is outstanding after 7 days we will suspend your web CV and / or service.  If payment continues to be outstanding after 14 days we will cancel your subscription and / or service and should you wish to continue with your membership you will need to re-apply.

You will be charged in the currency as indicated at the checkout phase which, if not the country of your bank account, will be converted by your bank into the currency of your bank account, when processed.  We are not responsible for any additional fees your own bank may charge.

We accept Visa  /  MasterCard  /  Maestro (Switch)  /  Amex.  You can also pay by cheque via our offices if you would prefer (please call for details).

Should we find that you have been over-charged then we will refund to the card on which the order was placed.  If you believe that you have been over-charged then please contact our Accounts team via our switchboard 020 7437 7631.

Once you have submitted your payment details your order will automatically proceed, and we will not be able to stop the payment going through at this stage.  Should you have any concerns regarding a payment that has been sent through for processing please contact our Accounts team during office hours (10.00 am to 5.30 pm) via our switchboard 020 7437 7631.

Please note:  Spotlight never takes commission on work opportunities found by its members. 

Membership cancellation

Spotlight reserves the right to refuse or cancel membership for any member without explanation.  In the event that membership is cancelled or refused a full refund will be given.

Membership will otherwise continue until notice is given by the member that they wish to terminate.  You will be contacted each year to confirm that you wish your membership to continue.

Should you decide to terminate your membership then your previous book and/or website advertisement will still run for the duration of time quoted at your last renewal.   Should your membership lapse, we will offer you another chance to re-join just before your details are removed from the internet site.  We will also contact you with one more opportunity to re-join as we prepare a new book the year after your membership lapses.

If you contact us and ask to cancel with immediate effect we will then remove your web page (including any multimedia attached) immediately.  You would not be eligible for a refund in these circumstances.

Membership cancellation and personal details

When a performer cancels their Spotlight membership we retain their contact details in our internal database for reference purposes, for the following reasons:

  • For urgent personal enquiries (former agents trying to contact you via Spotlight, etc.).  In which case we will attempt to contact you to pass on a message).
  • Some professional details are also retained so that when you next re-join Spotlight your web page can be activated as quickly as possible.
  • To ascertain the previous membership status of those applying for future Spotlight membership.

However, once you are no longer a member your ‘professional’ contact details will no longer be given out to enquirers (as we cannot verify them as correct) and no casting enquiries would be forwarded.  You can ask for your details to be completely removed from the Spotlight database at any time.

Please note: The message forwarding mentioned above for former members does not form part of your Spotlight membership and is not guaranteed.  Spotlight reserves the right to archive and delete old member files when they have not been accessed for some time, to control the accuracy of the data held on our system, in line with the Data Protection Act.

Updates - Dated 30/8/13

1. Research into improved technology and developing new functionality.

We are constantly looking for new ways to change and upgrade our services and the functionality that we can provide to you, including through the use of the latest technology. This may involve partnering with selected and trusted research organisations and technology providers to contribute to their research and innovation projects. Often the most innovative developments come from other industries or fields of research outside of our own, and the outputs of the research may have a broader application beyond the improvements from which we directly benefit.

As part of this research and to develop these improvements, our trusted partners may be given access to our systems and data and/or be provided with copies of our data, including member photos, video and audio clips, and other professional information. You acknowledge this disclosure of your professional information for the above purposes.

In all such circumstances our partners' access to and use of this information will be strictly limited to specific research projects that may benefit Spotlight and our services to you, and will be under secure, confidential, temporary conditions and closed testing environments. Under no circumstances will this information be used for any commercial or live operational activity, other than to develop and test the specific technology and functionality.

Your personal information and contact details will never be disclosed or used in this way.

2. Your agent.

You are responsible for all activities on your account/profile. You must keep your Update PIN secure and confidential. It is your responsibility to ensure that, and you confirm that, any person, including your agent, who accesses your account /profile, or takes actions on your behalf, whether using your Update PIN or otherwise, is fully authorised by you, and is entitled to take actions on your behalf and to contractually bind you.

If you are an agent, you confirm that you are authorised by your client(s) to access and/or administer their account/profile, and to contractually bind them.

Additional Information

Before agreeing to these terms and conditions please ensure you have read the following page relating to our terms of use for our website, as these form part of your conditions of membership Terms and Conditions of using our website

Please also read our Privacy Policy