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Showreel editing

Working with a professional editor in our Spotlight-based edit suite, we can create a high resolution DVD showreel.

Showreel sessions are available in London on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:

  • AM 10:00 - 13:00
  • PM 14:30 - 17:30

Laura Rogers showreel still image

Showreel editing sessions include:

  • Up to three hours of sit-in editing time
  • Upload to your Spotlight profile *
  • High-resolution .mpeg4 video file (for upload to your Spotlight profile, Vimeo, YouTube etc)*
    *Usually available on the same day

Jeff Mirza showreel still image

The cost is £195 (incl. VAT). Follow-up or additional editing time is available in our London edit suite and is charged at £75 per hour (incl. VAT).

To view examples of showreels edited by Spotlight, click on one of the thumbnails on this page.

Please read our technical specifications and our terms and conditions and cancellation policy.

"Getting my reel edited at Spotlight was really straightforward and although I had a pretty clear idea of which bits I would use, Liam's insight and editing skill provided some great ideas that lifted the reel as a whole. It was quite a collaborative experience and I enjoyed putting it all together. My reel was uploaded onto my Spotlight profile immediately afterwards."

Josh Burdett Spotlight member

"I was really impressed with the Showreel Editing service. Nicholas was able to fix various problems with my original DVDs and was incredibly good with the equipment. The showreel he gave me is very tailored to me - it isn't like a generic type if you see what I mean. He had a very good understanding of what I wanted to convey and had edited it in such a way that I believe it's a great showcase for me. He was so skilled at re-editing the footage I had to make sure every second was utilised and I really trusted his judgement. An excellent service!"

Sally Edwards Spotlight member

To book a showreel editing session in our London edit suite, select a slot in the calendar below. Available times are shown in green.

Please note: the booking service for showreel editing appointments is provided by BookingBug. Please familiarise yourself with BookingBug's privacy policy and terms and conditions before using the service.