Payment & Renewal FAQs


For more information about how Spotlight is helping our members during COVID-19 including membership fees and payments please check our constantly updated hub.

General FAQs

What payment options are available to me for my Spotlight membership?

Spotlight membership is a full year contract, but with the option to spread this over 12 payments instead of one lump sum. This means that if direct debits are stopped within that year, your account will show as owing for the remainder.

There are 3 payment options for renewing and reactivating members:

  • Annual direct debit
  • Monthly direct debit
  • Debit/credit card payment (unfortunately, we don't accept American Express)

Your 12 month contract starts when your application is approved. If you're joining Spotlight for the first time, a 30 day cooling off period applies, so we won't take any money until that time has elapsed. This gives you time to change your mind. If you've previously been a member of Spotlight, your payment will come out right away.

Direct Debits

How do I set up a direct debit?

To set up a direct debit you will need to be in your renewal window. This opens 30 days before your membership is due to expire.

We’ll send you an email when you are in your renewal period. In the month before your membership expires, you will see a daily countdown each time you are signed into your account. Your agent will also be able to see this on their agency account. When they view their client list, a banner will appear to let them know which client is in a renewal state.

When you click the ‘Renew Now’ button, you will be given three payment options: annual direct debit, monthly direct debit or a one-off payment (by debit/credit card).

Please note: We cannot set this up over the phone for you.

If you are set up with a direct debit you will not see this - instead you will receive a confirmation of the payment schedule by email.

Can I have a direct debit set up on an international account?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept non-UK bank accounts when setting up a direct debit. For now you will need to complete a one-off payment. We are hoping to expand direct debit and recurring payments beyond the UK in the future.

How do I cancel a direct debit?

To cancel an annual direct debit, please contact your bank several working days before payment is due to be taken. You will be notified via email when the payment will be taken by ‘Spotlight’.

Please note, that you cannot cancel your monthly direct debit mid-term as this is a 12 month contract. Whilst you may cancel your direct debit at any time, you will still need to pay the outstanding balance if you do so.

We cannot reinstate direct debit mandates that have been cancelled with your bank. If you have cancelled this and wish to reinstate it, you will need to call your bank directly.

I have changed my bank account and would like to update it on my Spotlight account, how do I do this?

Unfortunately Spotlight are unable to change the bank account details of a direct debit. We hope to be able to provide this facility in the near future.

If you are changing bank accounts, your new bank will be able to provide a switching service, taking over any existing direct debits. We will receive notification from your new bank when this occurs and will automatically update it, so there’s no need to worry!

I have a new card, does this affect my direct debit?

If your card has changed but your bank account remains the same, you will not need to change your direct debit details. It is the account details that are used to set up the direct debit, and not the card itself.

How can I change to monthly direct debit?

You can change to a monthly direct debit the next time you are due to renew. When you are in your renewal period you will be able to select a new method of payment.

If you already have an annual direct debit set up, you will need to get this cancelled with the bank first. Please note this can take several working days. Once it has successfully cancelled and you have entered your renewal period (which opens 30 days before your expiry date) you will then be able to set up a monthly direct debit.

Please note: We cannot set this up over the phone for you.

One of my payments have failed and now I’m suspended. What do I do?

If we were unable to collect a payment, the system will try a second time. If after a second time this fails, your account will be suspended. To reactivate the account, please call the office and provide your card details so we can take the missed payment. You can use a different card to pay the missed payment. Once the missed payment has been made, the direct debit will continue as normal.

I have a monthly direct debit, but I want to pay the remaining balance. How do I do this?

If part way through your monthly direct debit, you decide to pay the remaining balance in full, all you need to do is call our office on 020 7437 7631.

How can I find out which account my direct debit has been set up with?

Please email [email protected] or call 020 7437 7631 and we can confirm the last 2 digits of the account number.

How can I find out when the next direct debit payment is due to be taken?

Please call 020 7437 7631 or email us via [email protected] and we can confirm when your next payment is due to be taken. Alternatively you can call your bank or check your confirmation email, which includes the direct debit set up and schedule.

I am unable to make my annual/monthly payment. What should I do?

Don’t worry! Your profile will be suspended but all your details will be saved. Once payment has been made, your profile will be reactivated. Any missed months will still need to be paid. Then you will be searchable again, and you can be put forward for jobs.

Please note if you are paying by monthly direct debit this is for a full year contract, but with the option to spread this over 12 payments instead of one lump sum. This means that if the direct debit is stopped within that year your account will show as owing for the remainder, as your contract is for the full 12 month period.

You can reactivate your profile when you are ready, but please be aware that your name will be only be protected for 6-12 months dependent on when your membership expired. 

Renewing your membership

When will I need to renew my membership?

You can join/rejoin at any time of the year, so each member’s renewal is different. When your renewal period opens, you will receive an email to notify you that payment is now due. It is important that you keep your email address up to date so that you don’t miss any notifications from us.

Can I pay for my membership when I am not in my renewal period?

You will not be able to renew outside of your 30 day renewal window. Please wait for the email notifying you of when this window is open.

I have missed my renewal deadline, will I need to reapply?

You will not need to reapply if you have missed your renewal payment. All your details will be saved and you can reactivate your membership at any time by simply signing in and making a payment. If you have not been a member for several years, you can always call the office on 020 7437 7631 to see if we still have an account for you.

I need to renew my child’s Spotlight membership, what should I do?

If you have never signed in to your child’s Spotlight account, you will need to do so. Go to the sign in section on the Spotlight website to sign in with a username and password.

Once you are signed into the account you will be able to make a payment. If you have recently joined you will have received a welcome email containing a link to set up your sign in details.

I have more than one child on Spotlight and need to renew their memberships, what should I do?

If you have more than one child registered with Spotlight and have never signed into their accounts, you will need to do so. We would recommend using separate email addresses for each of your children where possible. If you are unable to do this please set up separate passwords and use separate internet browsers when signing in to each account.

Cancelling your Membership

I've changed my mind and I would like to cancel my membership, how do I do this?

If you are a new member of Spotlight, you may cancel your membership at any point during your first 30 days, before your first payment is taken by emailing [email protected]. This does not apply to returning members.

I have paid my Spotlight membership for the year but have now decided I would like to cancel. How do I do this and can I receive a refund?

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your membership midway through the year. We are unable to offer partial refunds. Please our terms and conditions for more information.

Can I put my Spotlight membership on hold?

Once your membership has been paid, this is non-refundable and there is no option to temporarily hold your account.