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The Spotlight Podcast

The Spotlight Podcast, brought to performers and actors from the home of casting, is here to share industry expert advice and personal acting stories from the world of performing arts and entertainment

In The Spotlight Podcast, we bring you conversations with inspiring casting directors, performers, actors, agents, Spotlight experts and theatre, film and television creators. We cover topics affecting the everyday work of actors and performers such as how projects are cast, making your own work, inclusion in the arts, voiceover, how young performers can navigate the industry, headshots, showreels, self-taping, auditions, agents, working rights, mental health, and lots more.

Full of fascinating guests and expert tips, The Spotlight Podcast airs monthly to cover practical advice for performers and actors as you navigate the world of performing arts and entertainment.

From personal acting career stories to an insider look at how casting directors, producers, agents and performers work together, join Spotlight’s content manager, Kristyn Coutts, as she chats with fascinating guests to get their expert tips and advice.


  1. How Open Door Helps Young People Get into Acting with David Mumeni.
  2. How to Make Innovative Theatre with Dante or Die.
  3. How to Self-tape on Your Phone with audio-visual expert Nicholas Peel.
  4. Getting An Agent As A Young Performer with Spotlight’s Young Performer Experts Ellie Samuels and Mel Brown.
  5. Making Your Own Film Work with Matthew Jacobs Morgan and Laura Kirwan-Ashman.
  6. What Makes For A Good Actor’s Photo? with Spotlight profile expert Kate Poynton.
  7. Preparing For Auditions With An Accent with voice and accent coach Josh Mathieson.
  8. Young Performer Rights And Licensing with Child Employment Officer Lucy Jones.
  9. What To Include In Your Actor Showreel with Spotlight’s audiovisual expert Nicholas Peel.
  10. Revamping Your Acting Career with Spotlight’s Performer Career Consultant Emma Dyson.
  11. Cultivating Your Creative Passion with Casting Director and Producer Esta Charkham.
  12. Making Ensemble-Led Devised Theatre Work with The PappyShow.
  13. Make Money With Your Actor’s Transferable Skills with performer and Performance Link co-founder Sarah Thurstan.
  14. Success In Commercial Casting Auditions with Casting Director Alex Wheeler.
  15. Voice and Accent Work with Italia Conti’s Head of Voice Nina Zendejas.
  16. How to Start Writing with Write Like A Grrrl founder Kerry Ryan.
  17. Mental Health Support for Actors with Addam Merali-Younger, Equity’s former Bullying, Harassment and Mental Health Assistant.
  18. Telling Your LGBTQ+ Story On Screen with Filmmaker Simon Wegrzyn.
  19. Getting Theatre Work For Young Performers with Casting Director Verity Naughton.
  20. Addressing Safety, Bullying and Harassment In The Performing Arts with Equity’s former President Maureen Beattie, Intimacy Coordinator Ita O’Brien and Casting Director Wendy Spon.
  21. Performer’s Working Rights, Pay and Tax with Alan Lean and Stephen Duncan-Rice from Equity.
  22. How To Crowdfund with Kickstarter’s Gemma Seltzer.
  23. How Parents of Young Performers And Agents Work Together with Agent Michelle Kirby and Parent of a young performer, Diane Zetterstrom.
  24. Producing Theatre with Producer Francesca Moody.
  25. Pros and Cons of Having Multiple Agents with Spotlight’s Young Performer Expert Ellie Samuels.
  26. Taking A Solo Show To Edinburgh Fringe with performers Sadie Clark, Isabelle Kabban and Katie Guicciardi.
  27. Surviving An Edinburgh Fringe Run with Barely Methodical Troupe.
  28. How Directors And Writers Collaborate In Theatre with Playwright Ella Hickson and Director Natalie Abrahami.
  29. Managing Anxiety And Stress with Mental Health and Wellbeing expert Bea Grist.
  30. Casting Young Performers For Screen with Casting Director Daniel Edwards, young performer Billy Barratt and his mum, performer Carolyn Owlett.
  31. Making And Performing Comedy Work with Dave Hearn from Mischief Theatre.
  32. Drag As An Art Form with performer Kevin Grogan AKA Veronica Green.
  33. Inclusivity For Transgender, Non-Binary and Gender Non-Conforming Performers with performer, singer and trans inclusivity consultant Aitch Wylie.
  34. Improvisation with Notflix.
  35. Breaking Barriers With Disability with performer Tommy Jessop.
  36. Making Work On Social Media with Jonny Weldon.
  37. Disability And Making Accessible Theatre with writer, theatre-maker and performer Robert Softley Gale.
  38. Progressing Your Voice Career with The VO Social.
  39. Winter Voice Care with voice coach and voice artist Nic Redman.
  40. Inclusion And Representation In Theatre with theatre-maker and Creative Edinburgh’s Programme Manager, Zoë Alba Farrugia.
  41. Tips for Using Spotlight When You’re a Self-Represented Performer with Spotlight’s Success Manager, Mel Brown.
  42. The Gamification of Cinema: Working in Interactive Film with Harry Chadwick and Grace Chadwick from INTERFLIX Media.

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